Cash Brokerage

Since 2009, Wells Money Brokers has assisted our clients in placing over £14 billion of deposits.

By reviewing our clients existing deposit arrangements including current counterparties, products and rates being achieved and the Investment Policy/Risk criteria being maintained, our role is then straightforward…

  • Review and ongoing advice of existing arrangements
  • Recommend new counterparties within investment criteria
  • Provision of supporting information for approval of new counterparties
  • Assistance with ‘onboarding’ to new counterparty
  • Ongoing negotiation of rates and products across all relationships.

Charging is based on the deposits placed via an introduction from Wells Money Brokers and is paid for by either the Institution receiving the deposits or by our clients as a consultancy fee. For more details, please contact us on 01892 530084 or at the following e-mail address

If all we do is provide our Clients with an independent endorsement that they are doing as much as they can in such a challenging market, or give them a recommendation to challenge an existing arrangement then our service is at no charge.

At no time do we hold our client’s money and we purely act in an advisory capacity therefore our clients retain a direct relationship with the banks that we introduce.

No Treasurer, Finance Director or CFO has ever lost anything from having a conversation with Wells Money Brokers