Cash Consultancy

Cash Consultancy offers a more complete service to our clients covering:


Supporting and actively managing Treasury Policies


‘Best in Market’ rates through our extensive network of Banks


Managing the sometimes time consuming Bank relationships


Regular reports covering all aspects of our clients cash needs

Many Depositors wish to maintain a robust risk and reporting standard whilst ensuring that they achieve a market leading, diversified return. The reality is that the current market is unrewarding and it is incredibly time consuming to assess the quality of a new counterparty who may be offering a better rate or to even find that institution in the first place. Together with the Regulatory and Corporate Governance reporting required to maintain a large cash portfolio when returns are negligible, suddenly, in many cases, cash has gone from being a profit generator to a loss making asset.

Using all of our market knowledge and operational expertise, Wells Money Brokers provides a service to our clients that saves time, money and provides comfort that their cash is achieving the best returns in line with a defined risk policy.

The low fixed monthly charge is calculated based on the level of service required by each of our clients. For more details call us on 01892 530084.

At no time do we hold our client’s money and we purely act in an advisory capacity therefore our clients retain a direct relationship with the banks that we introduce