The main strength of our service is that we understand the whole UK deposit market.

Rates offered by Banks can be hugely inconsistent and we regularly see variances offered within identical sectors by leading banks. Wells Money Brokers acts as a pair of eyes and ears in the market offering a sense check and guidance where inconsistencies are evident

In most cases, yes! Every one of our customers has a different investment policy and we need to understand this first. However, our unrivalled experience and reputation regularly makes a significant difference.

In most cases yes, we are able to offer a low cost fixed service to monitor and maintain cash deposits held at existing and potential new Banks whilst maintaining an agreed investment policy. We also provide a range of reports to ensure regulatory and corporate governance compliance.

No! We act purely in an advisory capacity and have no discretion to place or hold money on your behalf. You maintain all control over your deposits and we purely provide a consultancy service to enhance your existing processes.

Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball but our aim is to ensure that through our strong relationships with the various financial institutions, we will be ready when rates do start to rise. More importantly, as we speak to banks every day, we are constantly made aware of any change of appetite.

Maintaining, monitoring a reporting on credit risk has become a significant part of the day to day management of a book of cash deposits. We offer an excellent proposition in this area using our partnership with independent due diligence analyst ‘Your Treasurer’

Reports on existing and any prospective bank relationships can be provided on a monthly or quarterly basis as required.

Yes, our due diligence partner Your Treasurer provides a detailed analysis of each counterparty Bank that you use or are considering using. Once you have agreed a minimum credit quality standard ‘Model Bank’, the report benchmarks all your other banks against this and provides alerts to any factors that could affect the strength of the institution.

Our years of experience in assisting our clients build and maintain the very best investment policies allows us to assist those looking to build a policy more suitable to the current environment and in line with the very highest standards used by the largest cash managers.

Wells Money Brokers offers a low, fixed cost, NON-DISCRETIONARY service to our clients. We work to understand which element of our various offerings you may require to ensure that you have a robust and rewarding cash deposit portfolio. At NO POINT does Wells Money Brokers hold deposits. We act purely in an advisory and where appropriate, an introductory capacity.

This is right at the heart of what Wells Money Brokers is really all about. We have spent the last 8 years building a solid track record of introducing deposits to all of the main deposit taking institutions and we constantly scour the wider market for pertinent counterparties.

Excellent! We don’t hold money and cannot offer you a reconciliation service but we can offer you market leading rates, assistance with managing relationships, finding new relationships within criteria, managing credit risk, providing reports to regulators and building an investment policy to suit your business needs. This is seen by many of our clients as a significant cost saving to handling all of these areas internally and in many cases freeing up an FD to deal with more significant challenges within the business whilst cash remains so unrewarding.

Wells Money Brokers does not hold deposits and all of our clients place money directly with the receiving banks.

Additionally, in conjunction with Your Treasurer we are able to provide a detailed but concise independent review of your existing counterparties marked against your minimum credit risk criteria. Your Treasurer then provides immediate alerts to the deterioration of credit quality should it happen and also reports at a regularity to suit you for onward presentation to company stakeholders or in many cases the relevant regulators.

Our clients often refer to us as an invaluable extra pair of eyes and ears in the market