Stage 1

Deposit Review

– Existing Counterparties

– Counterparties under discussion Yield & Product review

– Investment Policy

– Liquidity Needs

– Existing Processes

– Desired Improvements

No Cost
No Commitment

Stage 2


– Recommend level of service

– Yield Improvement Suggestions

– Product availability

– Cash Consultancy Suitability

– Investment Policy Improvements

– Reporting recommendations

– What you can expect

No Cost
No Commitment

Stage 3


Cash Brokerage

 – Regular market ‘sense check’ of existing Bank products & rates

– Alerts to any new products or rates available

– Recommendation of additional Banks within Investment Policy

– Provision of supporting information for any new counterparties

– Assistance with on-boarding to new counterparties

 – Ongoing negotiation of rates & products across all relationships

– Market updates re. peer group regulatory changes or market practise.

‘An invaluable expert pair of eyes and ears in the market’
Charging: Payable only on Introductions to new Banks or in some cases, new products at existing Banks. Calculated as a small % of new deposits placed.


Cash Consultancy

– Seamless integration with existing cash management process

– Independent due diligence review of existing counterparties

– Creation of ‘Model Bank’ i.e. minimum credit quality

– Cash Consultancy Appraisal report with initial recommendations

– Implement required actions from initial appraisal

– Monthly appraisal report of Risk, Returns and Bank Relationships

– Attendance at Investment Committee meetings as required

– Daily monitoring of available products and rates

– Peer group benchmarking.

‘Market Leading advice and Market Leading returns’
Low fixed monthly cost based on agreed level of service. + (where appropriate)
Small % charge of new deposits placed.